During phased re-opening of Mosque 

Jumua’h Prayer times will be held at following times:

First Jamaat Khutba start time                                               13.15 PM

Second Jamaat Khutba Start time                                        13.45 PM

Third Jamaat Khutba Start time                                             14.15 PM

Due to availability of limited spaces, only those that have booked their place in advance will be guaranteed entry to the prayer.

To book your place, please send a WhatsApp message to the ICEC Battersea Mosque Mobile Number 07898071178, giving your name and a message requesting a Jumu’ah place. Your contacts details will be saved by us and we will send you a message containing a Brother and Sisters online booking link.

You need to click the Brother or Sisters online link and then select the Jumu’ah time you need. If there is space available, then you will be given a booking reference. 

This booking reference will be saved on your phone.

When you attend for Jumu’ah, to gain entry , you will need to show your booking by clicking the link again. Screenshots of the booking reference will not be accepted. 

Only one booking per mobile phone will be permitted.  For additional booking please use another phone registered with us.

To ensure you receive further updates from us, please save 07898071178 on your phone’s main contacts as ICEC.

Please note, this is not your whatsApp contacts list but your phone’s main contact list.

Please arrive at least half an hour before prayer time with a prayer matt, face mask and be in a state of purification( as wudu and toilets facilities are closed).  To ensure a prompt start, 5 minutes before start time, we will allocated any empty spaces to those waiting.  We cannot guarantee you a place if you arrive after this time.





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