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Understanding Autism

Autism Care helps children with autism achieve their potential. We provide services to enable children to overcome difficulties with communication, learning and life skills and give families the techniques and strategies to cope with autism through the use of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA).

Autism, according to the NHS Information Centre, is estimated to affect around 1% of the UK population. That’s 700,000 people who live with the condition. Autism is a lifelong condition with no cure but the difficulties people with autism face in life can be significantly managed through intervention at an early age. Skill and coping strategies learned as children have lifetime relevance and can make an enormous difference to their ability when they become adults with autism to make the most of their lives.

May Allah SWT embed faith deeply in our hearts and the hearts of our loved ones, offsprings and all Muslims. May Allah SWT grant us the strength, patience, and empathy to care for, advocate for and protect the people living with all forms of disabilities in our communities.

What we offer

We use a specialised ASD base in close proximity to Islamic Culture & Education Centre. We teach children the basic islamic principles and values alongside some really fun indoor and outdoor activities. Working alongside the needs of your child the main aim is to see them develop both physically and spirituality and have fun making new friends along the way.

Messenger of Allah (may God’s peace and blessings be upon him) said to a man, “Tie your camel and then put your trust in Allah”, simply believing in Allah to keep iman in our hearts is not enough. Part of “tying your camel” is seeking medical and behavioral help, actively engaging in the process and creating a Islamic environment for the children.

Class Details

When: Saturday 9.00am to 10.30 & Sunday 9.00am to 10.00am

Cost: £5 per week

To Register your child please comeplete the application form using the link below

ASD Application form

Fundraising Target



Raised of £50,000


Your contribution will help us to maintain and develop the wide range of services we offer. Prophet Muhammad ﷺ said: “Allah said: ‘Spend, O son of Adam, and I shall spend on you.’”

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