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Development Updates

ICEC Mosque Development Updates 17/05/2016

Date: April 7, 2016

A super steel structure has been built to all floors. New walls, floors and stairs are in place. The disable lift has been installed, the electric, PA and alarm cables have been laid and all windows have been installed.  The air conditioning and heat recovery ducts have been laid. The dome and minarets have been installed and all roofs have been built. The roof and walls to the front extension have been built, ready for the installation of entrance doors and wooden glass panels. Work has started to put plasterboards on walls and install railings to the stairs.

Date : Sep 23 , 2015

The structure and associated enabling works has been nearly completed, the next stage will be quicker, as much time has gone into the foundation of the building that was in a very bad state. Initially the works to the foundation of the whole building involved underpinning of the perimeter walls of the building.  This was done in sections by digging 1 sq metre trenches, each being a metre apart, to a depth of approx. 2 metres and refilling with concrete and then digging these trenches in another section of the perimeter walls and refilling and so on in accordance with instructions of our Structural Engineer. Also, secondary retaining walls have been built around the perimeter of the building. The concrete floor of the whole building has been dug up and new concrete poured resulting in a new watertight concrete slab being in place. The concrete slab for the street level landing for the secondary stairwell exit is in place as well as its walls. Internal concrete block work for the lower ground has been 90% completed as the concrete block walls for the sister and brother wudu facilities, lift shaft and for the sisters prayer hall are in place.

The upper ground floor and first floor has been demolished and the steel superstructure for these floors being almost finished as well as the decking of the upper ground floor is almost finished ready for pouring of concrete. The Contractor is in the process of removing the concrete roof above the old library( this was a surprise as it was presumed that it was wooden), which has required a temporary scaffolding structure to be set up to control the fall of the concrete roof. Also, the walls to the rear of the building were in a bad state which has required them to knocking down and rebuild. The lift is scheduled for delivery in November by which time the stairs and floor area should be in place.

Next will be re-building of the rear wall, knocking down the second floor and roof, putting up the remainder of the steel superstructure up to the roof ready for the dome and laying of the floors.

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