This service helps to provide a support service and a point of connection to the elderly in our community. Being able to shop for food is an important part of staying well and independent as we age. We support older people to be in control of what food they purchase with our grocery delivery and escorted supermarket shopping services.

ICEC Battersea will run a local food shopping service which has a range of benefits for older people, including preventing malnutrition, reducing social isolation and enabling them to be independent and remain in their own home for longer.


Home Shopping services

1) Home delivery services

Some older people are housebound and unable to do their own shopping. ICEC Battersea works with the older person to create a shopping list and their groceries are then delivered to their home.

2) Internet shopping services

We also offer food shopping services using supermarkets’ online stores. The order is placed on behalf of the older person and delivery is made to the older person’s home by the store at an agreed date and time.

This allows older people to reap the benefits of internet shopping even if they do not themselves have internet access, and ensures a regular food delivery over which they have control.

For more information about our elderly support services please contact us on 07898071178






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